Saturday, October 6, 2012

4 sleeps!!!!!!!

Just one crazy half-a-week of work left before my trip!!!!! Monday is going to be especially bad at work, but it's just much easier knowing I have so much to look forward to. Everything is pretty much organised I think!

On the reflux front: Gastroscopy was normal and showed nothing. So that's sick leave and money wasted :-( I suppose at least I can tick it off as being DONE. Next test: 24 hour PH probe. I have to stop taking my reflux meds for 2 weeks, then they'll put a probe down my nose going all the way into stomach, and I'll have to keep it in for 24 hours. The idea is to measure acidity levels or something. Will probably go to work with it in for a day in other words :-( Super fun. Hope I'll have something to show for it at least!

Chris' family are visiting us at the moment, it's really nice and has made this weekend feel like a mini holiday! Going to Gold Reef City theme park tomorrow, can't wait! Love rollercoaters :-) Went to the Lion park today which was awesome. The cubs were soooooooo cute. Got some nice pics.

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