Monday, October 22, 2012

Quick London feedback

Arrived back this morning just after 9am. In a nutshell: had a great time with everyone I went to visit, weather was cold but not toooo bad. Did some nice shopping, climbed all the way up to St Pauls (just under 600 steps) again as well as some other touristy things, met Louzanne's friend Ulric, picked up a cold (seems to be pretty much over now at least), watched Les Misrables at the West End... Also had food poisoning on the airport on the way there! Vomited twice, once was in the queue at passport control :-( Never eat leftover ribs! Luckily I managed to get hold of my Dr in time to get something from the pharmacy before boarding. Talk about bad luck!

I also got to see some places outside London: We went to Windsor for a day and met up with an old friend from school, James. I also did 2 trips with Annelie and Bernie (auth & uncle) to Oxford and Isle of White.

Coming back to the reflux problem: I saw Dr Lee on the Tuesday before leaving, and booked a PH probe test for the 30th. This will entail me going to work on the 31st with a probe sticking out of my nose :-O What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right!?!? Since seeing her I stopped all reflux meds apart from Gaviscon, when needed, in order for the test to be more accurate. So hoping this one will finally have some answers. Luckily the heartburn didn't affect my holiday too badly.

                          Will post some more pics soon.

P.S. Today is 4 years 9 months with the lungies!

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