Saturday, April 6, 2013

First week back = survived!

This week might have only been 4 days long workwise but it was pretty crazy! Month-end at work, Dr appointment and sorting out medication admin!!! My Dr changed my anti rejection meds 2 months ago (drastically reduced the Prograf and added Certican) and since then he has been increasing the dose every 3 weeks or so because my levels keep being too low. So the admin surrounding getting these increases approved from medical aid and getting hold of the meds (even while being on holiday and having to organise to have it flown in from Cape Town!!) has been quite hectic. At least I also managed to sort out an old medical aid query from Oct last year (!!!) and will get some money back this coming week, yay!

Dr appointment went well I guess. Bloods were all normal (apart from the Certican level being too low still) and lung function was the same (FEV1% hovering around 85%). X-ray and everything else were also fine. Disappointed that lung function (FEV1%) has dropped from pretty much 100% to 85% for NO reason and that it's not really going back up and we have no explanation for it but I just have to focus on the fact that:

  • Volume (FVC) never really changed much and is sitting at 106%
  • I don't feel a difference
  • I am FIT and going to get even fitter before the World Games in July
  • I know I don't have an infection or rejection according to the biopsy in Jan so the drop is not related to that.
The only thing that happened between the 100% and 85% was the Nissen surgery I had to fix my reflux but that wouldn't explain a drop even though I can't help thinking it has to be a factor! Have to go back in 2 months time and til then I'll keep on working on my fitness!!! Need to get me some medals at the WTG again!!

Went for an eye test this morning (first one in 4 years... oops!!!) and got to pick a new frame. So excited cos it's so pretty, can't wait to get my new glasses!!! Last night we had an AWESOME time with friends... the couple whose wedding we went to a week ago spent a night in Joburg en route to Mauritous and it was so much fun to chill with them and catch up and have some drinks etc! Only got home at 1 am this morning, feeling a bit fragile today but so worth it!

Tomorrow we're going to have lunch with my parents and coffee in the afternoon with Shaun and Alet (Shaun is also one of my tx-buddies). Might also go to gym if the stiffness from yesterday's gym has worn off! Hopefully the weekend has sufficiently charged my batteries for the week ahead!!

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