Monday, April 1, 2013

Holiday Over :-(

Sadly the holiday is over :-( As you can see from the pics it was AMAZING. We had good weather and I really feel a lot more relaxed than when we left. Storms River Mouth really is my favourite place on earth. I NEED to go there once a year at least. Truly my "happy place" where I can re-charge. Was also great spending time with my sister and her hubby, wish they lived closer! The wedding we went to on Sat eve was great! So awesome seeing great friends tie the knot!

Hoping work goes well tomorrow, first day back never nice!!! And Thursday it's Dr's appointment... eeekkkk! So nervous for the lung function. All the hikes we did at Storms went fine and was easier than last time I was there but it could just be my fitness that has increased. So holding my breath till then! 

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Anonymous said...

Fantasti photos Ali, glad you had a great time! See you soon. AS