Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holiday? What holiday?

STRESSED!!!!!!! Wow any holiday health-benefits have been undone. Work has been pretty darn busy, especially today, 11 hours at work and only break was spent on the telephone. Luckily we're getting pizza tonight so not going to cook. And having a drink as I type. Work has not been the main source of my stress thought, it is PHARMACIES and SCRIPTS!

Let me start at the beginning.... since transplant I've used a chronic meds pharmacy who deliveres my meds to my work monthly. This has always been working well until a few months ago when they changed their name and premesis and probably management and their staff was suddenly highly uneducated. Can you say FRUSTRATION??? So I've been biting my lip and calling them a LOT to make sure I get all my meds thinking I'll change pharmacy when we're back from holiday as it will be too hard to organise while being away. So I asked them to deliver ALL my meds on the 2nd of April, after which the plan was to change... So knowing who I'm dealing with I call them on 25 March while on holiday to conform delivery for the 2nd. They then say they were going to deliver the next day (Without comfirming what I need or what the co-payment is or anything they normally do!?!?!) but will move it to 2 April. Come the 2nd of April.... no delivery (as I expected to be honest). So I call them, and they say they have no delivery loaded for me and that "Maybe this month I should use my "local" pharmacy and/or make other plans as they have a backlog and can't help me". After losing it and asking the person at the other end of the line if they know what the word CHRONIC means and telling them to  cancel ALL deliveries INDEFINITELY because I don't have a LOCAL PHARMACY but their service is PATHETIC, I was left on my own trying to work out what I'm going to do... So knowing I was going to see my Dr on Thursday the 4th, I thought I'll get a brand new script for EVERYTHING and use my medical aid's Delivery Services and start fresh. However I wasn't going to make it to the Monday in terms of how much meds I had left and went to the hospital pharmacy to get a week's supply 2 of my anti rejection meds. They were SUCH a rip-off and I ended up not getting everything I needed as the co-payments were just riduculous. Luckily some friends came to the rescue and I'm sorted til this weekend. Also had all the meds (except the 2 that I claimed for at the hosp pharmacy) delivered by the new supplier on Tuesday and that went well at least. So now I'm just trying to secure the delivery for Friday of the 2 anti-rejections meds and I'm sorted (touch wood!). What a hassle!!!! If I don't get it by Friday I'll have to go to the dreaded hospital pharmacy and pay cash for another few days meds. But being positive that all will be fine. And bear in mind all this is on top of dosages of Certican changing every 2-3 weeks and have had to have some of that flown into PE when I was on holiday. And I KNOW it will increase again and all of this will probably be repeated. Let's hope with the new pharmacy everything will be better. RANT OVER.

Doing another 10km race with my mom this Sunday, and gym has been going well. Planning on joining a proper squash club too so preperations for WTG are going well. Hopefully this week is downhill from here!

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