Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My American Twin!

Just realised I haven't blogged about Anna yet! Check out her blog here (I've also added it to my blog-roll). We started communicating via Facebook a few months before the Games, she received her lungs 22 Nov 2010 and also has CF. Was great to meet her in person!! I think we look like siblings! She also brought me some Starbucks coffee from the US and beach sand from California where she's from. Hoping to see her in the flesh in Argentina again in 2015!

Tomorrow is 5 years 7 months with the tantrum-throwing/ diva-like (at the moment) breathers! Hoping the photopheresis will discipline them back to proper lung function!! Oh, and I haven't mentioned that we're going to Swaziland this weekend! (It's a different country surrounded by South Africa) At least then I get to have one stamp in my passport this year!!

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