Sunday, September 22, 2013

5 years 8 months!!

Today marks 5 years and 8 months with the lungies... only 4 more months till 6 years!!! Six years sounds almost impossibly long, have been so blessed beyond measure. The rest of last week was fine, had supper with friends on Wednesday eve, and went to the movies and had some steak with another friend on Thursday for a girls-night. Weekend was relaxing, yesterday I went to Pretoria to visit one of my lung-friends who had her tx in December, had a really great afternoon. Today I hit the gym again and it went well, and church tonight. So not much to report.

This week is going to be great... Tuesday is a public holiday so no work, yay!!! On Thursday Chris turns 30, so I'm taking him out for supper, and next weekend we're going to a Game Reserve! Hoping we'll see lots of animals, get to swim a lot, chillax and eat a lot!!! Trying to gain weight and STRUGGLING!!!! Thought I had gained a kg but when I weighed myself at the gym today it was gone :-( Very frustrating.

Also seeing the psychiatrist again for 3rd time tomorrow but at least that one Drs appointment not involving stress or needles or bad news so it's no biggie.

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