Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ECP # 7 & 8 done... yay

So photopheresis sessions nr 7 and 8 are done. Yesterday's session (7) went fine, femoral line in groin went in and all was well. I was home just after 5pm. Today was a different story though...  the line started giving problems immediately, and even on a slow setting the machine harvesting the cells kept on beeping and being unhappy. So the sister decided to put the line taking out the blood into my arm and kept the returning line in my groin (after taking out the stitch keeping it there and jerking it around a bit.... ugh). So the rest of the harvesting session went fine, although it was a bit more uncomfortable having to lie dead still with one arm being hooked to machine and other arm restricted by the blood pressure cuff and oxygen sats probe on finger. But they collected everything they needed and groin line came out.

We waited the usual 2 hours or so for my bits to come back, and as my cells started going back via line in arm it burn like acid running into my vein. I started crying and freaking out immediately and line was removed even though pain stayed for a while. ANOTHER drip was put in (into hand this time) and cells were finally returned. Ironically we left there probably the earliest we ever had so got back home early but it was not pleasant at all :-( Luckily my break is 2 days longer than usual this time, next sessions are 2 and 3 October. Lots of stuff happening before then though so it feels AGES away. Really hoping and praying this treatment works and this is not all for nothing!

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