Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another lungaversary and kind of emotional week.

Friday marked 8 and a half years with these lungs. Can't believe it's heading downhill towards 9 years now! As if by coincidence the "9" candles were on sale on Friday when I went to the shops!!??? What are the odds... so I had to buy one. Get to light it in six months' time...

This week marked 6 months since I've stopped working. Time really flies... This year has gone by really quickly. Feels a bit surreal. And crazy.

Socialised quite a bit since I last blogged... Had lunch on Thursday with Andrew and Bianca, and some ex-PE people were here this weekend, staying with Bianca, so we ate out with them last night and this morning. Some fantastic food... also bought a scale this week.... happily weighing in 58.5kg (since not gymming anymore I never get to weight myself and only see my weight when doing lung functions).

I also felt really annoyed at people staring at my oxygen when I go out, maybe just because I've been annoyed the whole week. Worried about some friends being really sick. And also stepped down as Secretary of Gauteng Transplant Sports Association and handed over everything yesterday after about 4 years of being in the role. Stepped down for various reasons, but will be the end of an era in a way. So it's been a bit of an emotional week.

Next week is my sister's birthday, and hopefully a better week in general.

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Lapc Salinas said...

You are beautiful, Alice. Let them stare. You have my admiration and that of many others because you keep living life to the fullest, regardless of your current circumstances.