Tuesday, July 5, 2016


REALLY can't believe July is here! Five days in already! It's been pretty chilly so the kitties have been exceptionally cute and cuddly. Lungs had a great "feeling well" spurt on Thursday last week so I did some shopping. Was perfectly timed with the winter sales so I got some great buys and presents for upcoming birthdays etc. Thinking I should maybe go back and carry on where my energy ran out last time!

Had a quiet weekend, just chilled at home with Chris, and on Sunday my friend Brendan had us over for lunch to unveil his house after it has been renovated! We saw the pre-renovation house in Jan, and the results are SPECTACULAR.... Really brilliant. He turned a dump into a heritage gem. Had a really great time.

This week I've just been busy with admin.... submitted my tax return, Love Life; Gift Life stuff, cleaned our fridge PROPERLY, had bio today... very domestic. Want to try and do a little bit of gardening tomorrow if I can, garden has been SOOOOO neglected and winter not helping.

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