Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekend of the cousins

As per previous blog post, we saw two of our cousins this weekend! First up was Elette and her husband Gareth. Elette is my mom's brother's daughter. She is my age and we used to see each other a lot more when we were still growing up. We saw them every Christmas at a minimum. It was really great spending some time with them. We showed them the best ribs in town, took them to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme for some American influence, had some brunch at Salvation Cafe... So pretty much lots of eating!

Elette and Gareth left for home on Sunday morning, and we were off to meet some Vosloo family for lunch. My dad's brother Tys has cancer unfortunately so his son Adam and his wife Tabitha came from New Zealand to visit. We haven't actually met Tabi before, so it was really great to be able to do that. Adam is my sister's age and emigrated to NZ when he was 7 so we haven't seen him as often as we would like, but we always love it when we do get the chance. Hopefully one day Chris and I can actually go and visit them! We have friends in Australia as well so I feel a trip to that part of the world is needed!

My mom and I got to spend some time with them during the day yesterday. We showed them around Joburg a little bit, briefly stopped at 44 Stanley Str and 27 Boxes in Melville. Was pleasantly surprised by the latter... I've never been there and it's pretty cool. Definitely need to take Anna and Casey there when they come. We had supper at my parents' house along with Chrislie and Pierre.

Went to the pharmacy and got some groceries this afternoon... slept till 9:20AM, so it's been a really slow morning! Did some laundry as well at least. Tomorrow and Friday are also going to be rather busy with medical appointments, so hopefully the weekend will be relaxing!

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