Sunday, June 12, 2016


Home after 16 days in hospital and very happy about it!!!  Got discharged late Friday evening, and had the most amazing sleep till after 10AM yesterday morning. We celebrated my mom's birthday with lunch out (had what tasted like the most amazing steak in the world) followed by coffee and lemon meringue pie at my parents' house. Spent the rest of the day just unpacking and doing laundry. Lungs feeling better than when I was admitted so hopefully the feeling lasts.

Kitties were relatively happy to see me... As can be seen in the above pics they ignore me but Peppy (black one) cuddled tightly against me the whole night on Friday. Have a rather busy week planned... stocking up the house with food, seeing biokineticist, having hair cut, need to go to pharmacy, catching up with a friend... Thursday is a public holiday, and Chris has taken leave for Friday, so we'll just chill together at home on those two days.

All in all just very happy to be home. Less than 3 months before Anna and Casey arrive, so getting VERY excited about that. Need to start prioritising all the things we need to show them in Joburg! And try to keep lungs stable!


Lapc Salinas said...

Very happy for you, Alice! Stay well!

Alice said...

Thank You!