Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my dad! Chrislie and I love you very much!!!! It sounds like such a cliche to say "we have the best dad in the world", but we really do. My dad is awesome, he is cool and calm when he needs to be, he has a dry and witty sense of humour, he plans the best family holidays, even now that we're old and married. Trips away are always a priority, and we both inherited his love of nature and animals :-) And the importance of planning holidays to look forward to.

He loves his sons in law, he buys me teddy bears (and sterilizes them!) and coffee when I'm in hospital. We can ask him for ANYTHING and he will assist. He gives great advice, he puts us to shame with all his academic achievements (always a good example for us!).

Over the years he has enabled me to do IV antibiotics at home preventing weeks of hospital stays and doing a better job than most nurses would have. He has fought many battles with medical aid to ensure I get the best treatment, he as spent hours in ques at the Provincial Hospital in PE for meds for me. Flew with me to JHB to meet the transplant Dr and investigate this option in 2007. Ultimately he moved to Johannesburg for me and had to commute to PE to be with my mom over weekends for a few years so that I can be in JHB after transplant. Drove me to Pretoria for Photopheresis many times  in 2013/2014. And I know he will ALWAYS be there in the future if any of us need him.

He loves my mom and their relationship has set such a good example for my sister and I to follow. We are sooo blessed and proud to have this man as a dad and role-model.


Unknown said...

Thanks Allie (and Chrislie)

Lapc Salinas said...

Alice, what a beautiful tribute to your father! He sounds like a very special man.

Anonymous said...

I remember those long lines at the pharmacy down at provincial. What a weird time that was as compared to today.