Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Youth Day

Today is Youth Day, a public holiday. If you're not local then read the history behind this here.

Been having a really good, busy week. On Monday I didn't do much, as my car's battery was dead due to it not being driven while I was in hosp. So I was stuck at home, but not complaining as it was SERIOUSLY cold and wet. Kitties and I spent the whole day in front of the heater watching TV. I also woke up with a black eye! Got a massive fright when I looked in the mirror. It's probably a blood vessel that burst as a side effect of the higher dosage prednisone I'm still on since this recent hospitalisation. It looks HORRIBLE and no amount of make-up can cover it. Feels like I need to explain to everyone that "No, my husband didn't beat me. It's my medication."

Tuesday was also a freezing day. Had bio, which was a good way to warm up even though it was very hard dragging my ass out of bed! Breathing was quite a bit better than before hosp so that's good. Had a pretty good work-out I think. definitely have some sore muscles! Afterwards I went to have my hair cut finally! Been craving it since before hosp... From about March my hair has been falling out a LOT (in my past experience this happens when my body goes through a shock... like after transplant... and I think landing up in ICU after both lungs collapsed in Jan has caused this again). So hair has been looking crappy and thin, even though I cut quite a lot off about 2 months ago. At least it falls out evenly and I don't have bald patches! So anyway, I cut it a LOT shorter and a slight tinge of red was added, VERY happy with the result, and so much easier to wash and dry. I can still JUST fit it into a ponytail as well. (Note fringe is strategically hiding black eye!)

Yesterday I did some grocery shopping, and met with a friend for coffee. Last night Andrew invited us over for some soup and wine with friends so had quite a late night, but lots of fun. Today we slept in a bit, and joined another couple for lunch and Krispy Kreme doughnuts! The rest of the day has just been spent doing admin stuff and being close to the heater. Chris has taken tomorrow off as well, don't have any plans yet, I need to get to the pharmacy somewhere during the day. Hopefully eye looks better soon.

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