Thursday, June 9, 2016

Happy birthday to my mom!

In less than an hour's time it's my wonderful mother's birthday! Baie geluk met mamma se verjaarsdag, ons is soooooo lief vir mamma en danksy mamma het ons OK uitgedraai :-) My mom is AMAZING, She has always been there for my sister and I (except when I get a tattoo but even that she forgives eventually). She raised us to be the best people we can possibly be, and I often catch myself saying something and totally hearing my mom's voice coming out of my mouth, but it makes me proud because if I turn out to be half the person she is it means I turn out pretty awesome.

I can't believe it's already a few days into June... time seems to disappear when you're in hospital. Winter is here. (I recently binge-watched Game of Thrones so now this sounds weird to say). Hoping to go home tomorrow, feeling way better than when I came in at least.

Finished another blanket and colouring in pic...

Not much other news, craving to get my hair cut when I get out of here, and be home with my hubby (who has been amazing once again while I've been in hosp) and the kitties (who are going to ignore me for a while). And sleep in my own bed with an electric blanket.

Oh and on a funny note, found THIS in the week and I think it's BRILLIANT!!!!

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Lapc Salinas said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your wonderful, beautiful mom!