Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Almost recovered from hospital, Leonard Cohen, Christmas in the air

Feeling a lot better than last week when I updated on health, which basically means the steroid side effects are wearing off. Less woozy and like the world is spinning away from me. Muscles have also gotten over the "weak" feeling and less bloated. So yay for those. I had a random fever on Thursday but luckily it went away after some Panado.

I don't think lung function has improved after hospitalisation, which is probably to be expected seeing as nothing was cultured to start off with. It is what it is. I just try to do as much as possible with what I have. 

Struggling a lot to sleep these last few nights, even with my sleeping pill :-( I'm hoping it's just that I have a lot on my mind and the fact that I'm still on more prednisone than my normal dose. Last night I even tried to listen to classical music like my grandad used to do. Which of course made me miss him to bits, and took me back to those 2 and a half months in 2008 when I worked for his company 3 days a week, during which time I stayed with him in Pretoria, and we used to listen to Beethoven on his on his old school proper vinyl record player. He would carry on listening to some classics in the room next to me as he fell asleep. It was soothing. Unfortunately it didn't help last night. 

This past weekend it was nice to chill with family on both days. Today I met up with Andrew for some Christmas edition Starbucks. I've also finished ALL CHRISTMAS SHOPPING (well everything except one thing)! Gifts are even wrapped! I hate the part where I have to wait for more than a month still before I can hand out said presents! 

Something else exciting that is happening is that our lounge is getting a much needed make-over (run by Andrew of course!). It should be ready in 2 weeks' time. Seeing as I spend quite a lot of time at home these days this will make a big positive difference to my day to day life! 

So Leonard Cohen also died last week..... What a sad day for music. He felt like family, we grew up on his music! The last 3 weeks have also been the kind of weeks perfectly described by his music... meaningful, deep, and rather sad. At least his music will never die,

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Twin Momma said...

Hi Alice. Always looking forward to "our chat". Been following your blog since you met Chris. Chris and I share the same birthday. Lol. Your journey is truly inspiring. The highs definitely outweighs the lows. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. Greetings to Chris from a windy Cape Town. Dolores Sarup