Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Back home - discharged early.

I was discharged yesterday, after 11 nights in hospital instead of the expected 14. Both sputum samples cultured nothing. So whatever made me feel sick when admitted was obviously sorted. I've been having a really hard time getting rid of the usual steroid side effects :-( Been bloated, feet a bit swollen, body sore, muscles weak and just feeling "woozy"/dizzy, TIRED. So basically horrible all over! Based on past experience I should feel better tomorrow! Really hope that is the case! Guessing I might just be feeling these side effects more intensely because of where my lung function is at.

Still happy to be sleeping in my own bed again nonetheless, PICC line free and with my hubby and kitties. I have some really sick friends there in hospital at the moment and I'm really really appreciating being home. The past two weeks have felt rather intense to be honest.

Another fellow CF transplant lady whose story I've been following since her documentary "Love on the Transplant List", and who I've been Facebook friends with for a few years, posted this blog post two days ago. I'm so sad for Kirstie. Unfortunately I guess none of us live forever, CF or no CF. But it's just so harsh to have to be posting an update like this one when you're 27. I've been soooooo lucky with my almost 9 years with these lungs. All my love goes out to you Kirstie, you're amazing xxx

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