Monday, November 14, 2016

We have a WEBSITE!!!!

After a few months in the making Love Life; Gift Life finally has a website!!!! Click HERE to see how awesome it is! We're soooo proud of it :-) Now all the stories we've posted about recipients on #TransplantTuesdays are all available in one place, media articles where we were featured, you can get the latest copy of the South African Transplant Society's Transplant News... it's just perfect.

The main thing that makes our website unique to anything else in the country is that you can TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY that you're an organ donor via an email sent from our website. It's common knowledge that you need to TALK to your family about organ donation, because unless they consent to you being an organ donor, it doesn't make a difference if you were registered as one or not. The final decision lies with them. We have tried to facilitate the process... If you go to the "How can you help" tab , it will take you to a screen where you can enter the e-mail address of your nearest and dearest and we will send them an e-mail signed with your name at the bottom.

Hopefully this is the start of big things for us as a non-profit organisation filled with passion about a cause that lies close to our hearts (well lungs to be exact!). So please visit the website and show some love by telling your family of your wishes and read the awesome stories we've published so far!


Marilee Chananie said...

Awesome awesome awesome! ������

Alice said...

Thank you, thank you thank you! Tell everyone in Durban!