Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday in Hospital

Got admitted to hospital on Friday after not feeling well for a few days. Been having a low grade fever and bad headaches and feeling a bit more short of breath. So after a 5 month break from hosp I'm back! Can't complain though, 5 months better than the previous 3-month breaks. And I was worried that this might happen close to Christmas and that would have been way worse.

Before this bout of "sickness" we had a great time last weekend in Secunda meeting the cutest little baby boy Ben!!!! He is soooo flipping cute. Had so much fun playing with him.

Workouts have also been going well before this week... got some new inspirational exercise clothing from Mr Price Sport. Hopefully I won't lose too much muscle in hosp now :-( Will need to make sure I try to keep on moving.

At least I also have some more time to work on my current crochet blanket. This one is for Chris (despite the pink in there!). Going to be epic once done.

Not much else to report on, although I think that was quite enough action for one week. Will be in hosp for 2 weeks.

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Lapc Salinas said...

Alice, you have such a great attitude! Make the best of your time in the hospital so you can be strong and healthy for Christmas. Praying for you!