Thursday, October 6, 2016

Back to reality and utter FOMO about not taking part in Nationals

Since Anna and Casey's return life has just been getting back to normal. Had three Dr's appointments last week, all were fine, lung function was even up a bit. Clearly holidays are excellent treatment. Three of my orchids have started flowering... below is one of them (saving the others for future blog posts... just in case nothing else happens in my life)

My friend Louzanne (long-time friend since age 5 or so) was here for work on Friday and extended her stay to include the weekend. Such a treat spending time with her. Miss her so much. On Saturday we went to a craft market-thing called Kamers (used to be called Kamers vol Geskenke, which is Afrikaans for "Rooms full of gifts"). They normally have an annual market here and have always wanted to go. It was great! We also had supper with my parents, and watched the new Bridget Jones movie. That was also lots of fun. Mostly just catching up though!

This week has been pretty chilled... went for bio again, might be stiff tomorrow... had a pedicure with my sister on Tuesday, which was a nice treat. Car also had a flat tyre so was stuck at home on Monday. Luckily Chris fixed it the same day, yay. Yesterday also marked exactly 8 years since I met Chris. Not sure if I've ever mentioned this but we met on an internet dating site and had our first date on the 5th of October 2008.

The National Transplant Games is taking place in Joburg this weekend. Registration happening today already and the AGM tonight. When I was still involved with transplant sport I was on the committee organising the Games. For health reasons I've had to leave the committee. I obviously also cannot participate anymore. Two years ago when Nationals were in Stellenbosch I couldn't play squash or do the race walk anymore, but did some field items and Petanque. This year I'm not doing anything. Rather sad and depro about missing out on all the fun. And not experiencing it in my own city, Maybe one day by some miracle I will take part again and play squash again and go to the World Transplant Games again.

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