Friday, October 21, 2016

8 years 9 months!

Tomorrow marks another lungaversary! Yay! Steadily on my way to 9 years!!! Feels unreal! Every time I see a date on an old magazine, or on the internet or at work (when I still worked) the first thing that goes through my head is "Was this pre or post new lungs?". And as time goes on I'm seeing less and less "pre-transplant" dates... Which is not surprising considering it's almost a decade now! The world was a different place! And I would have missed out on all of it but I didn't :-)

This week we said goodbye to Bianca :-( She has left us for Melbourne... very sad, but one day we will go visit and bum free accommodation from her in Australia!

Tomorrow we're off to Secunda with Andrew and Brendan to meet baby Benjamin Moore! We'll be spending the night there, so will be awesome. At least Cecile only moved to Secunda and not Aus! Excited to see her and Dean again. Not much other news, trying to see the bio twice a week now, and been working with heavier weights, so arms are really stiff today! Feels good to have sore muscles from exercise though! Made a little photo grid of all my orchids in bloom.... they are looking spectacular at the moment and our house looks great! Seven are currently flowering, one has buds that will open soon (looks like a white one) and I think there are 3 with no flowers. Very chuffed with myself, I've never had this many bloom! Most of them have been gifts over the years.... definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

Oh and we've also had some RAIN!!! It's been great, SA is experiencing like the worst drought in 25 years or something so the rain we've had these last few days has been amazing. Hopefully my garden will look a bit better now!


Lapc Salinas said...

Your orchids are gorgeous, Alice! I'm envious. :)

LouMS said...

Sad to say it's been years since I last posted. So happy to see the positive posts.

Alice said...

Happy that you posted again LouMS!