Monday, October 3, 2016

Short stop in PE and ADDO

On Thursday the 22nd (our lungaversary date!) we stopped in PE for lunch and a quick drive-through before heading for Addo Elephant Park. I haven't been in PE since Dec 2013 when I helped my sister pack for their move to Joburg. We showed Anna and Casey around a bit, and then had lunch with Antoinette and Andrew at Something Good (used to be a dodgy roadhouse but now very nice!). Was nice being there again.

Our Addo accommodation was once again really really cool, but the weather terrible! Froze our butts off! All in all we saw amazing animals though! Even some lions on the morning that we left the park! Posted all the Addo pics in the post below. Was rather sad that this was our last holiday destination on the epic road-trip with our doppelgangers.

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