Monday, October 3, 2016

Local Touristing with Anna and Casey

In between all our adventures around the country we also showed Anna and Casey some local spots... The Apartheid Museum (which was AMAZING,,,, my first time there and we didn't have a chance to finish up properly as we ran out of time so have to go back again), the Voortrekker Monument (for some insight on some of my forefathers and a really stunning monument, the Union Buildings and Nelson Mandela Statue (I haven't seen the statue yet myself and it was awesome!)

We also exposed them to some Cape Malay food at District Six Eatery which was YUMMY and the best milk tart ever... I took Anna shopping in Sandton City and we got matching cat books. Also note the matching kitty t-shirts Casey got us with a pic of a kitty that ate too much.... basically what Anna and I do the whole time. They were also fascinated by the big traffic cones we saw at Impala centre.

I also took them for a Saturday afternoon drive through the "scary and dangerous" Johannesburg CBD (I think my driving was scarier than the location). We also had brunch at the best Lemon Meringue spot in Jozi... the Silver Birch at Lifestyle Garden Centre.

I think I've covered everything now! Finally! It was a great trip. Don't know when we will see them again but soooo fortunate to have had this time together. AND that my health lasted throughout the trip.... We were really worried after January's lung collapses and with my lung functions dropping over the last few months. But I made it and the trip was awesome. It would have obviously been better if I could breathe properly and not have to hold back physically and the O2 concentrator didn't take up so much space in the car and I didn't have to worry about all the extra stuff I need to pack these days. But all things considered I was very fortunate to have experienced this and seen all these places again that are so close to my heart. And that my health didn't deteriorate during the trip and we didn't have to rush back for any "medical emergencies",

I don't know what the future holds but I really hope that more travelling will take place one day. We will be going somewhere close by in March for my dad's 60'th birthday so that should be a little something at least.

For now it's back to reality... Keeping on keeping on and making the most of what I can do.

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