Friday, December 23, 2016

2 Sleeps til Christmas

It's almost Christmas! This year has been quite different... it's this first time that I'm not working at this time. Last year we took a few days off a bit earlier in Dec, in 2008 and 2009 I took off a few days between xmas and the new year, but I've always spend most of the "holiday season" working. Joburg is nice and quiet, plus if you don't have kids you're not bound by school holidays for taking vacations. So we've always ended up working. I feel a bit more of the "Christmas-spirit" this time. Very excited to be having Christmas Eve supper at our house tomorrow evening, and on Sunday we will be going to church with my parents, followed by tea and lunch at their house.

Drove to Linden this morning to buy wool, and a lot of the trees were wrapped in red material, so pretty! It's also my 9th Christmas with the "new" lungs. (they're not that new anymore!) Grateful for each and every one of those. This year is also special with my sister being 25 weeks pregnant on the 25th... So much to look forward to in the new year.

I've had some good times with friends in the wind down to xmas in the last 2 weeks. Antoinette was here for work, so we got to see her for a few hours on Sunday, which was very special. On Sat Brendan had a pool party at his house which was fabulous. I love my friends!

Yesterday was the 22nd again, marking another month with the lungs! Just one more month before another big celebration! Thinking of my donor's family at this time of year, as I know it will always be hard for them :-( Even though my body is rejecting the poor lungs, they are still allowing me to make memories and spend great times with friends and family. They've given me almost a decade, and there is literally no way to thank a family out there for that. I hope they will always know how much it has meant to me and my family.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas, or long-weekend if you don't celebrate Christmas. May it be filled with joy, family, and good food.

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