Sunday, December 4, 2016


On Friday afternoon another transplant friend ended a long battle. I only got to know Odette this year when I was in hosp, as she was from the Western Cape. She had been admitted since mid Feb (I just missed her then, as I was discharged early Feb). I met her in person in May when I was admitted again.

She was the friendliest and warmest woman ever, and I ended up having a few long visits in her room, one which was with Loraine (who passed away on the 18th of Nov). It was a special evening as the three of us really bonded, not knowing what was still to come this year. We had such a good time, realising how much we had in common and so much to talk about while waiting for our Dr to do his ward rounds. Unfortunately after that I wasn't allowed to visit Odette (or anyone else) again due to the bug I had cultured/ am colonized with so we could only chat via phone.

I was in the room next to her again with my admission last month. We could only text each other but it was still nice knowing you had a friend next door. I did get to see her once when they wheeled her past my room and my door was open so we got a secret wave in.

The one thing that I will always remember about Odi is how she never complained, even after more than 9 months in hosp. She was still cheerful and positive when I would have lost it long before that. I am not always the best in-hospital patient but I will never forget how well she handled her situation and it will forever be a reminder to me that friendliness costs nothing and her legacy makes me want to be a better person.

My thoughts are with her husband and family, I can't imagine their heartache. RIP Odi

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