Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Year almost over and blog's birthday

My blog turned 9 on Monday. Happy birthday blog! It's been a great tool for documenting my post transplant journey and hopefully it will continue for many years to come still.

Had a lung check-up on Monday, which was all good. Lung function stable, weight perfect, bloods fine. No more Drs appointments for the rest of the year.

I finished a blanket I've been working on for MONTHS, very happy with the end result. Started a new one now, a Corner to Corner, with amazing wool that I got for my birthday. After that I will have to start doing some baby stuff for the niece.nephew that will be arriving next year :-)

Love Joburg weather this time of year, it's so lush and green and love the dramatic thunderstorms. Always reminds me of the time in hospital after my transplant as well... the humidity followed by the massive storms.... kept me entertained once I was out of ICU and had massive windows.

Not much else to report on, everything seems to be wrapping up for the year. Having my last bio session tomorrow. Friday is a public holiday, will be spending it with friends, yay!!! Can't wait for Christmas and then this year should feel free to end.


Lapc Salinas said...

Congratulations on 9 years of blogging!! Your blanket is lovely. You do beautiful work! Good news on the medical front. Merry Christmas and love to you and Chris.

Alice said...

Thank you!!! Merry Christmas to you too!!!