Tuesday, October 28, 2008

150 003 visitors!!!!

Wow... can't believe I missed the 150 000 mark by 3 visitors!!!! Damn... but I'm thankfull for ANY visitors, so who cares! The rest of the weekend was brilliant. Chris and I went to church on Sunday morning, and played squash, after which he prepared lunch!!! VERY yummy lemon pepper chicken and pasta... mmmmmmmm...... felt like a kept woman I tell you... ;-)

Yesterday was a REALLY lazy Monday, but at least the day went by pretty quickely, and I went to gym after work, which was really the last nail in my being-tired coffin! Slept like a baby, and feeling nice and awake today! Hopefully the day goes by as fast as yesterday!

Nothing much else to report, just wishing some friends would get lungs SOON... AndrĂª is doing well, by the way!!! SOOOO gratefull towards my donor and her family... can't actually put it in words...


drained in sj said...

I would have visited 3 times.

Bree said...

I beleive i've visited over a million times and there's just so much muchness to these visitations that it cannot register them and simply does not.

So there!

Glad you're doing so well deary!

Kelly said...

Alice, it can only be good that you missed the 150,000 mark - it means you are actually out living and enjoying life and not watching the blog!! ;-)

So happy to read of your recent exploits and how happy you are.

Jac said...

Great to read about you doing so well and being so busy :-)
Jac x