Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Sunday in October...

Pretty boring title for a pretty boring weekend!!! Don't have much to report on... Basically spent the weekend recovering from last week and preparing for this week!!! I:

  • did shopping
  • watched The Other Boleyn Girl on DVD with Jenny
  • went to gym
  • managed to lose my debit card
  • managed to go to the bank today (on a SUNDAY) and replace my debit card with one that is prettier than the old one (mmm, is it worrying to know that I work for a financial institution and worry about how pretty my debit card is???)
  • went to church

And that's about it. I have to read up some work-related stuff now, and going to bed early (again) tonight. Hope I have some more interesting stuff to report on during the week!!


Anonymous said...

Hoop jy het baie lekker week; vol nuwe dinge en intressanthede.
Mis jou in PE.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Isn't it great to be able to work!!?? I'm a bit slow to start down here in Cape Town. It's hard to wake/get up in the morning - must be my own big, extra length bed and the gallons of extra oxygen at the coast and of course Gail and Fraser too. Life's a great place to be and share with special people like you and others like we met at the transplant games, not forgetting those who made it possible PGW, Aviva, MS, HP and your personal favourite GH. All under the watchfull eye of our Lord Jesus Christ. Can things get any better? Miss you. P

Annelie said...

Thank-you to your blog readers who sponsored me for the Great North Run in Newcasle. It was a great day and to take part to raise money for the CF Trust. I raised £480, thanks to Peter, Lou and Kelly that supported me. Hope I will get more sponsors next year for the London Marathon in April and I pledge to raise £2000 for the CF Trust.

Annelie xx