Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last chance to sponsor Annelie!!!!!!!

Annelie is running the CF run on Sunday!!!! It's HUGE, going to be on BBC1 etc!!! So if you have some bucks laying around... you know what to do!!! (ignore the American economical crisis! It's temporary, CF is for LIFE, lol!!!) Go to ..... And to everyone who HAS donated SO GENEROUSLY, THANKS A BILLION!!!

Work's been great. Liking it a lot, even though the first while is always a bit difficult. Feeling so NORMAL :-)


drained in sj said...

Now I am getting CF mail from the UK. I sort of felt bad, like they should save the postage. (New Jersey....USA)

drained in sj said...

PS: Germs and colds are everywhere. Just take care of yourself. Stay strong. You will be fine