Sunday, August 16, 2009

4 sleeps to go...

Only 4 sleeps till we fly... crazy!!!

Having an extremely busy weekend so far... went for bloods yesterday morning (because gynae put me on Sporonox and I had to reduce my Prograf because of that... so need to check of levels are still where they need to be), got masks for the flight and wherever I may need them, got Tamiflu (all athletes are strongly recommended to start swine flu treatment 2 days before we leave). Had my car brake lights fixed-unrelated to going to Oz! Did last minute shopping... got ear plugs, pants for opening ceremony (didn't have the right colour), protective eye-wear for squash (apparently the rules say we need them. Played with them yesterday and it sucked :-(), and some other stuff I can't remember now. Also did radio interview with SAFM, which was very cool and interesting!!! Then played squash with Chris and walked... and shins were better, yay! Lets hope they stay that way. Was in bed and asleep by 10pm!

Going to church this morning, and gym/squash. Also want to visit a friend waiting for transplant in hospital. Have started pacling a bit, because my week's going to be even more busy. Have SO MUCH to do at work still before I go. Will be working late, so won't have time for much else, especially if I want to fit in some gym still.

Update on Bree: She's got 3 out of 5 chest tubes removed and eating whatever she wants! She's also talking away a storm with the new breath :-) Oh and she's out of ICU... so excited for her!!! The recovering and finding out all the things you can do while breathing normally and gaining strength and slowly getting your life back is the most awesome experience!!! And then comes the part where she has to start training for the Games, because her and I BETTER be there together in 2 years time at the Games in Sweden so we can finally meet after like 2 years of being internet-friends!!! Taking part in THIS year's WTG was her idea after all... see this post I did last year...


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, wens jou alle sterkte toe met WTG. Hoop jy het 'n fantastiese tyd. Geniet elke oomblik.
Irma (van Brightonrylaan 72)

Rene said...

Hi Irma
Hoop dit gaan ook baie goed met jou in die vreemde!!

Gizela said...

Hallo Alice,
ek dreig nou al heeltyd om vir jou te se: BAIE STERKTE in Aus. Ek dink so baie aan jou en kan myself net voorstel hoe opgewonde jy moet wees. Geniet dit baie. Nie net die atletiek deel nie, maar sommer alles en alles. Hoop jy sien 'n kangeroo of 'n koala.
Mooi bly.
Groetnis Gizela