Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More thorough update!!!

Have a few minutes to spare so time for better update! We arrived here at 2am on Sat morning. I went to bed, took a sleeping pill (was scared I won't be able to fall asleep, and at that point NEEDED to sleep after the flight!) Woke up the mext day at 2pm!!! I had set my alarm for 7am, but my phone's battery died :-( Was rested at least! Been struggeling to get into my normal sleeping pattern, but last night was the first night I slept well without taking anything. (the other nights I slept like 1 or 4 hours without sleeping pill).

The atmosphere's been great, we're 1008 athletes. Impossible to look around and imagine ALL those people had transplants. Mostly kidneys though by FAR. Food's great, weather is HOT. Been above 30 degrees every day. Not so good for my walking on Friday though... we're walking at 2pm :-( might die from the humid heat, lol!

Our accomodation is 4 star, REALLY smart! And my roomate is great, so that's awesome. The opening ceremony was a tad long (because we were behind the scenes for hours before the time!), but very cool nevertheless. Also did a 5km beach walk in aid of awareness in Australia.

Oh, and the BEST so far, apart from the medal for squash, is that Trevor and I met our donor's sister! I've been e-mailing with her for quite a few months now, and she lives pretty close to where we are, so she took us out and about Brisbane for the day! Was soooo cool. No weirdness or anything, just awesome. Definitely the best day so far.

We also went to Seaworld last night, we we watched a dolphin show, had supper and went on a roller-coaster! Roller-coaster was the best part of course :-) I'm posting some pics, they're pretty self-explanatory I think! Will post some more pics later when I get some time...