Friday, August 28, 2009


Was SOOOO annoyed today!!!! Came 3rd in the race walk, was so excited abt my bronze medal!!! Then I find out AS THEY HAND OUT THE MEDALS that I have been disqualified. WHY??? Apparently I bent my knee or lifted a foot when I wasnt supposed to. Great. I walked so well ... I think so anyway. So finding a new sport for the next games, not walking again, those stupid walking people can go stick their silly rules, who WALKS LIKE THAT??? Atl least I got to see Suzanne (donor's sis) again! See came to watch me and Trev compete. By the way, I haven't been this whita and pasty all my life, it's just cos I'm not allowed to tan anymore cos Prograff ncreases skin cancer risk :-(

Tomorrow is the 800m... was crazy to enter it, but can't withdraw now unless it's for medical reasons :-( So WISH ME LUCK. The walking around and shopping etc has been GREAT though!!! It's so nice here, can see while the place is full of South Africans who have emigrated. Anyway, I'm posting some pics as well...

Oh, the OOPS is that I deleted the counter on the blog... not so clever Alice!!!! Too lazy to add a new one, and forgot how to anyway... so you'll have to comment otherwise I'll think no-one is reading!


Anonymous said...

Ek lees...maak net nooit 'n comment nie. Hierdie is my eerste comment OOIT! Ek fb my 2 sente vir jou.

jou niggie in PTA

Bree said...

I'm sure you did wonderful! Stupid ppl who disqualified you tho! Next TXG, YOU AND ME WOO HOO!

Christy said...

Great pictures, Alice! I'm sorry you didn't get the medal, but wow! Look how far you've come, girl!

I started reading your blog before your lung transplant. I am always amazed at how far you've come since then, each time I come back to visit your blog!