Friday, March 25, 2011

busy busy busy!

This week may have only been 4 working days, but WOW it was busy!!! Apart from work, we had supper with friends on Wednesday night, last night was gym again followed by driving to Chris's office to get his laptop and 3G for him to stay home today (explanation to follow shortly!). Today I was at work for 12 hours (07h00 to 19h00), excluding the 1.5 hours traveling time. And work was so busy, combined with trying to get my medical aid pre-authorisation for gynae-surgery, thought I was going to cry!

This weekend's going to be nice though, tomorrow morning we have some gift and travel shopping to do, and get passport pics taken. Also have pizza and movie planned with friends in their new house tomorrow evening, and a 1 year old's birthday to celebrate on Sunday! Enough to keep my mind off Monday!

So surgery is on Monday... not dreading it too much, but irritated with the frequency of this!!! If the leave the abnormal stuffs, they can become cancerous. And cervical cancer is not exactly on my bucket list. I suppose at least if it came down to it they can remove all those bits because they're not vital to survival as opposed to like a kidney or whatever, but still, I'm not warmed up to the possibility of hysterectomy before 30! But I'm jumping the gun here, just thinking about the future.

That's Monday... Tuesday is our appointment for our UK Visa's, very excited about that! Thursday eve we fly down to Cape Town for a good friend's wedding on Friday evening! Then we spend the rest of the weekend in CT, also seeing Chris's family.

Chris is still pretty sick, his cold (courtesy of moi) has gone to his lungs, but luckily he saw a Dr yesterday and got some antibiotics and stuff, so hopefully he'll be better soon now, and I won't be kept awake by all the coughing anymore (karma????). I feel for my parents and sister all those years!!!!!!!! He was booked off from work today, which is why we had to go get his laptop at the office.

Off to bed soon, long week with little sleep and lots of stress.

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