Thursday, March 10, 2011


So training for the Games has been going really well. Did the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge last week Thursday, and wasn't even stiff the next day :-) Just generally feeling really fit. On Monday after gym, I even posted a facebook status update about feeling fitter than I ever have in my life! And def gaining muscle, because my weight's up a bit :-(, but clothes feel looser around my waist. Ie MORE MUSCLES!

So then the Murphy bitch striked again and I received a cold!!! I say received because I know exactly who at work it was who gave it to me! Wish people would stay at home when they're sick!!!!!!!! On Tuesday evening it felt like throat was on fire... Yesterday I went to work, but made Dr appointment for late afternoon. Seems like it's a viral thing ie a cold. Got some nasal meds. Booked off from work till Monday. Lung func was down 2 % to 98%... it better be over a 100% again next time, but think I just blew with less energy, if that makes sense. Have a proper 3 month check u* again in May. Getting more nervous as Sweden gets closer with regards to my health! My good friend Evlyn from Australia can't make it to the Games anymore due to decline in lung function (not sure why) so that sucks. And Bree has some strange brain infection and had a spinal tap last Monday. She's been extremely quiet since :-( SO BREE IF YOU'RE READING THIS PLEASE DO A BLOG POST OR SOMETHING! YOU'VE GOT ME WORRIED!!!!

So today I went to work for about an hour to get some work to take home with me, followed by a gynae check-up. The latter went well, lets hope the test results say the same!!!! Rest of the day was fairly quiet apart from some work issues, gggrrrrrrr. Not sure how much I relaxed, but at least I was away from all the sick people! Don't know where I get it from, but I feel guilty if it's office hours and I'm not at work. Even if I know I'm not well, and do not take sick leave often AT ALL, and that it's better for me to be at home that surrounded by 3 people at work who are sick, I still feel guilty ... not cool.

Anyways. Hope the cold blows over soon so I can get back to gym! Have a good weekend!

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