Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 22 - A picture of something that confuses you.

Glass half empty people. Pessimists. I don't understand how their minds work. Obviously all of us have our negative days, where you don't think anything is going to work, but surely you must be able to see the silver lining or want to see the silver lining most of the time? I know people who haw ALL the reason on the world to be EXTREMELY pessimistic and if I were in their shoes I'd just give up trying to be positive and wallow in self-pity. And somehow they seem content or even happy?? But then you get other people who have the power to change their situation and just don't, because they're pessimistic and just don't think anything will ever go their way.

So yeah, that confuses me about people. Are you born that way or is it the way you were raised? Very interesting topic I think!

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Deoné said...

Catching up on your blog - I've been liking your pictures for a while. Ek weet nie - optimisme, pessimisme is 'n weird ding. Ek weet self nie wat ek is nie. Jy al ooit secret life of bees gekyk - May in daai fliek bring uit wat ek baie keer voel. Ek's heel gelukkig met my lewe, maar die lewe om my affekteer my geweldig. Dis nie vir my maklik om te weet hoe om met geluk te leef as so min mense geluk ervaar nie... so ek leef maar van dag tot dag en voel wat ek voel. Positief en negatief.