Monday, March 21, 2011

Human Rights Day

Today's a public holiday, yay! Just as well, because it's been a bit of a rough weekend! Saterday night was an old chool friend of mine Suzanne's bachelorette party! It was a sleepover thing... 7 of us girls went to a lodge close to joburg, where they've got their own local little shebeen (South African word for pub in the very poor black squatter camps/ townships. So the furniture is old and the decor is scrap-metal and roadsigns and antiques... hope that makes sense!) We had an awesome meal, eating with just a metal plate and a spoon, and all the drinks were served in metal mugs. And drinks there were!!!! Went to bed a bit after midnight, although didnt sleep much once in bed anyway! Had a great farmhouse breakfast on Sunday morning, after which we felt a lot better!!!

Got home after lunch yesterday, Chris and I did some grocery shopping, and the rest of the day was spent doing nothing! Today I hope to get a nice gym workout in, do some washing, and go to bed early again!

Got some crap news on Sat... my cervix is still showing abnormal cells, after they supposedly got rid of then in Dec. So my gynae will have to repeat the operation/procedure :-( Not cool :-( Waiting to hear abt a date, but will we soon.

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