Monday, September 24, 2012

16 sleeps!!!!!!!

Till London! CAN'T WAIT... this week's been pretty horrible in terms of fellow CF lung recipients passing away and almost passing away and just a rollercoaster ride in general. And it's not over yet :-( Hate it when the survivor-guilt thing pops up and I can't understand why things work out for me and not someone else or why people do the things they do.

On a more positive note, Chris's mom sister and neice are coming to visit next week! So we spent the whole weekend getting the house ready for their visit! It's a good excuse to get all the things done that we've been putting off for too long because we were being lazy!

Gym's also been pretty great, DID MY FIRST SPINNING SESSION LAST WEEK! This was a real breakthrough for me as I've always been to scared to try it and thought I'm definitely not fit enough etc etc etc... but last week I went to gym with a friend, and she's also never done it, SO WE DID IT. Was really not as bad as I expected! The 45 mins went really fast, and I could totally keep up! It was really great and we're doing it again this week Thusday and Friday. Today was a public holiday so the gym was quiet and I had more time than usual... Did 50 mins on the treadmill, weights and 10 mins on eliptical trainer. The rest of the day was spend cleaning the house and doing laundry, so all in all a very active day!

Reflux has been behaving, can't say I've had any reflux in the last week that I can recall. Yay... I guess. Thank goodness it's only a 4-day week ahead, hope it goes quickly!

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