Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I officialy survived the 27 Club :-) Although not being a musician I probably wasn't at much risk of joining the club! My birthday was so-so, at least next year it's on a Saturday. Work wasn't bad, my desk was all festive when I got to work and we had pizza for lunch. In the evening we went out for steak at The Grillhouse in Rosebank with a few friends which was very nice. I even got ice-cream with sparkles on the house! I got a beautiful watch from Chris as well :-D

The rest of the weekend was also good. I helped the Organ Donor Foundation out on Sat morning with a wellness day. Afterwards Chris and I had lunch with another couple at Melrose Arch as it was her birthday on Sat. The evening was just spent chilling at home. On Sunday I went shopping with a friend and to church in the evening. Busy weekend I guess! Here's to many more years of busy weekends!

Oh, and on SPRING being here!!! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali

Happy birthday.Looks fun. will celebrate with you when I'm home. AS xx

Alice said...

Yes we have to!