Monday, September 10, 2012

Reflux Frustration

Not sure how much I've blogged about my reflux previously, but here's the low-down... my rejection episode in May/June was as a direct result of reflux (and maybe my cold too). The Barium Swallow test didn't really show much from what I can gather. Nexium/Topzole dosage has been doubled. Trying my best to eat small suppers as far as possible from bedtime and have cut out practically all alcohol.

Clearly something is not working though, because even with all those measures in place I STILL get reflux. Last night I woke up at 01:00 am with bad heartburn, after having only a sandwich for supper at 18:00. Only slept for about 30 mins again after that. And it's not the first time it's happened. Going for a follow-up Barium Swallow test in 2/3 weeks time or so. Really hoping this one will have some answers... because this is not a problem I feel like dealing with for the rest of my life. And I know reflux can lead to chronic rejection so want it fixed asap.

Was starving today when I got home after gym and already scared that I might have had too much pasta for supper :-( Tired as hell but have to keep myself awake now because I can't go lie down now. Plus I'm still kind of hungry. HATE this.

On the plus side... in a month this time I'm off to London for a great holiday :-) Have I even blogged about that?? Next time...

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