Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paint Nite, weekend and headaches

Rest of last week was full of medical stuff as expected. Dermatologist burned off 5 transplant "wart" things which looks gross now. One on hand, one on left cheek, and 3 on chest.  Have to have this done every few months or so otherwise they spread, and due to my suppressed immune system they don't go away on their own.

Had CT scan of sinuses done on Friday, even though I was more than an hour late for it due to BAD traffic. The amazing staff at CT scans waited for me and saved me ANOTHER trip to Milpark. The ENT called me yesterday, and the just of it is that my sinuses don't look awesome, but I must carry on using the new cortisone spray and see him again on 20 April. It does feel like the spray is making a difference so that's good.

Not much happened over the weekend, Saw Andrew and Bianca and Brendan twice. Brekkie on Sat morning at Salvation Cafe and lunch on Sunday at our house. Was great catching up!

Last night I FINALLY attended a Paint Nite! It was BRILLIANT fun! I went with Fawn and Genevieve, it was hosted at The Baron on Main, and it was the best way ever to spend a Monday night! The concept is that the evening has an artist who takes you through painting a specific piece step by step, while having drinks and fun. Last night was neon-themed, and the the UV light was out, adding even more atmosphere and fun to everything.

I definitely made the right career choice by not going into art, (and right subject choices in High School for that matter!), but the evening is just about relaxing and having fun. Eventually we started painting ourselves, and stayed until they were packing up! Definitely highlight of the week by a long shot! Check out their website here...

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