Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saying bye to my Grandad.

So last Friday after half a day at work we drove down with my dad to Jansenville for the funeral. We arrived after 20h00, and after a stop at the old age home to see my grandmother we checked into the guesthouse. Our accommodation was really nice and it was great having a comfortable place to stay during such a crazy weekend. Won't mind staying there again next time we drive through there.

Saturday went well I guess. The service was at 11h00, my sis and I did the eulogy. It went well I think, and all in all I think my grandad would've been happy with everything said by everyone who spoke and the number of people who attended.

The burial took place in the scorching Karoo sun (and it wasn't even a hot day!). It was very fitting I think. We just missed my aunt Annelie SO MUCH. She had been visiting them for 2 weeks and went back home to London like 3 days before he passed away. My sis kept her updated with pictures the whole time, and Pierre recorded the service for her, so she was with us in spirit the whole time.

It was great seeing my cousins again at least. Only see them at weddings and funerals it seems :-(. Last time I we saw them was in Nov 2011! Drove home on Sunday after breakfast.

Tomorrow is Gail's memorial service. Wish I could be there. Such an exhausting week, could just sleep for a month.

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