Sunday, March 1, 2015

Goodbye Gail :-(

One of my closest CF friends Gail passed away in the early hours of Friday morning. She was 26, and waiting for lungs. She came up to JHB on the evening of the 23rd of Jan, very sick. She blacked out on the plane on the way here and was in pretty bad shape when I saw her the Sunday. She never left the hosp again and fought off infections as well as bad tummy issues. She also went through the trauma of losing Melissa on the 2nd of Feb.

On Thursday she wasn't immediately responding to our daily chats, and I asked if she was OK. For the first time EVER she said "no". She was SUCH an optimist and and never said that she wasn't fine. I started worrying about her and my last message to her was when I went to bed on Thurs asking if she is breathing any better yet. On Friday morning when I put phone back on I saw she replied "Nope" at 22h30, and upon logging onto Facebook saw that her husband had posted that she had passed away a few hours after replying to me.

Melissa and Gail were my best pre-transplant CF friends, and I chatted to them a LOT. I can't believe both of them are gone in the same month. If only they had also gotten lungs in time. Wish more people were organ donors and wish they were as luckily as I have been. Hate this disgusting disease.

RIP Gail and hope that you and Melissa are together now running freely. My thoughts go out to her loving hubby and the rest of her family :-(

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Anonymous said...

So sorry for yet another loss in your life. xoxo