Thursday, February 26, 2015

RIP Oupa Gouws

On Tuesday afternoon my Grandad (mother's father) passed away :-( I was at home on my sick leave when the old age home called me. Tomorrow we will be driving down to Jansenville to attend the funeral on Sat (same church where I was christened 30 odd years ago).

My Grandad was a farmer and formidable sportsman. He was passionate about his rugby and played for many years. When he couldn't do that anymore he played tennis. After that it was lawn bowls. Amazing competitive spirit and obviously he always encouraged any sporting activities that I did.

When I was small I used to be scared of him because he seemed so rough and tough, and the way he drove his Isuzu bakkie over loose rocks did not help! I think it helped me prepare future-me for my own driving!

He had a dry sense of humour and sharpness that I appreciated as I got older, and he could say grace before a meal faster than ANYONE ever could. He also told teenage-me that guys like a girl with some meat on her bones when I gained weight (not particularly what I wanted to hear). You couldn't get more honest and down to earth. The last time I spoke to him was exactly a month ago on his birthday... We will miss him a lot.  

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