Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dreaming of far away places...

I've been having a longing to travel somewhere again. Anywhere I haven't been before actually. These breathers have taken me to Australia, Sweden, London (twice), Wales, Isle of Wight, Mapungubwe, Durban, Dullstroom.... First prize would obviously be California to visit Anna and Casey but that is still dependent on some financial matters. Fingers crossed!

A good start though is that my dad booked a weekend away for the fam here. It's still a few months away but will be AWESOME. Luxury relaxation. We are really spoilt in terms of family holidays, from when we were children. My parents were fortunate enough to be able to show us many places, including a trip to London for my 21st birthday, and many special places in the Eastern Cape.

So here's hoping the lungies will take me some new places in 2015!!! I need it, and Melissa's death just made me realise again how short life is.

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Garrett Frazier said...

Wow! You’ve been to many wonderful places, Alice. You’re really lucky to have traveled that much, as compared to some of the people who just dream to see those places. Anyway, I hope you and your family would have a great time in that upcoming weekend away. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

Garrett Frazier @ Greg Graingers Adventure Tours