Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yesterday, kitty love and Fawn's radio interview

Yesterday's procedure went very well and lungs behaved excellently. Very impressed with the WITS Donald Gordon Medical Centre! The staff were REALLY great and friendly, the place looks great, and everything super hygienic. I even got called twice and texted once in the last week to confirm the details for the day and the medical aid authorisation. So organised. Gynae removed polyp and chunk of cervix, hopefully this sorts out the matter for a good while again. At home today but back at work tomorrow. If it were up to the kitties I'd never go back to work :-p

Also, Fawny did an interview on Classic FM along with the mother of a CF patient and Dr Cathy Baird. You can listen to the interview here.

Gym on Sunday went pretty well again compared to the previous few times. Pretty curious about what lung function will be in 2 weeks time. My O2 sats were between 94 and 97% when sitting up in bed yesterday, and 92% when lying down. I know they drop to below 90% when I exercise but go up again when I stop. Last time I did the 6 min walk test they dropped to 85% at the end of the walk. Anyways... just random info. Back to watching TV for me.

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