Sunday, February 22, 2015

85 monthses!!!!

Today is 85 months! And yes, I still commemorate every month with the new lungies. Will need to do something to celebrate 100 months next year :-)

Friday eve we tried out a new spot in Melville... Jo Anna Melt Bar. When I first moved to Joburg 7th Street in Melville  was a very popular hang-out for people my age (although I didn't have any friends my age here back then so I was not one of the people hanging out there LOL). Since then popularity moved to Greenside, Parkhurst and probably some inner city spots like Maboneng. However Andrew informed us of this place and we tried it out. (even though Andrew mysteriously missed the invite and didn't join us!).

Melville is apparently having a revival which is good news (as my parents live there!) so was interesting being back there in the evening. Apart from the smell of weed wafting up the street and some dodgy characters (what would Melville be without them) the bar was pretty cool. They only do toasties (and have about 8 on the menu), but it is YUMMY. I also had a Mango Colada Cocktail which was obviously also great.

Looking forward to seeing what happens in Melville and definitely need to visit one or two restaurants that looked pretty amazing.

Today I need to go to the gym, but not much else planned yet. Tomorrow is going to be CRAZY, going in to work early, working till 10h30, checking in at Donald Gordon Medical Centre for my mini surgery at 11h00, and the rest of the day will depend on the Dr's timing I guess! At least on Tues I can chill at home and recover. Have a good Sunday!

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