Saturday, February 14, 2015

V-day and stuff

After a pretty crappy week last week, it ended well with me being spoilt rotten at work by Chris and his TWO surprise valentines deliveries :-) First I got a Pandora charm for my charm bracelet (which I got from a special friend for my lungaversary now in Jan so it's still pretty empty) which I LOVE, and as if that wasn't enough, it was followed by flowers and Lindt chocs! Felt very loved indeed.

I also treated myself and had hair cut and coloured. It's a little bit more red than last time, although it's hard to really tell on the selfie I took. As you can see I don't often take selfies (can you tell that I'm 30?) so if I look a bit stiff and annoyed please excuse. LOVE the fact that I'm on lot less Prograf than I used to be (almost non-existent dose) as my meds were changed when my rejection started, so now my hair is actually GROWING again! It was the worst side effect of all my meds (maybe not medically, but for ME and vanity!) and so glad to be rid of that!

One of the reasons my week was shitty is that I'm going for minor gynae surgery on the 23rd. I have a persistent annoying polyp on my cervix that won't stay away, so Dr is going to cauterize it to death like she did a few years back (had this done 3 times during 2010 and 2011). Hopefully it will keep any issues away for another 4 years.

Also, the love gods hate us.... Last year this time I was in hosp for 2 days with some mystery illness/flu/virus/whatever, and this year Chris is sick as a dog :-( So we won't be doing anything special and poor Chris feels like death. However love is not about Valentine's Day and hoping the day will not reflect the year! Love you C xxx

P.S. Catch Fawny's latest media exposure here, cool article! Discovery is my medical aid too, so I'm glad to see that us CF/transplant people are on their radar (as well as probably on their financials as a huge red item LOL).

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