Thursday, February 19, 2015

Finally a good gym day!!!!!

Tuesday was much better at gym than Sunday, and today was also way better.... did almost double than I did on Tuesday and definitely at least 4 times more than I did on Sunday. Started taking iron pills again on Monday so maybe that also helped. Anyway... hoping the trend continues. Had a bit of a photoshoot on the circuit machines as you can see....

Really looking forward to Sat, my aunt Annelie will be in Joburg for the day before flying back to London (she is the one who ran 100km for CF and who I've visited with my sis in 2004, with Chris in 2011 and on my own in 2012 as part of my trip to go visit Louzanne). She is the best aunt ever and can't wait to see her. Also going to be checking out a new spot in Melville tomorrow, so hoping that's fun.

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