Sunday, February 1, 2015


Feb is here, yay!!! Jan was a very long and broke month! Only good thing to come out of it was my lungaversary. Feb will be shorter, and includes Valentines day. Already have a good evening planned for that!

This weekend has been nice, on Friday after work I went to gym, and included a 10 min walk on the treadmill. Did 900m in the 10 mins, was a brisk walk. Next time will walk a bit faster. Did the usual weights as well. Good progress in all in all I went to gym 4 times this week, and hence also keep my 80% discount on gym fees with my medical aid. SUCCESS!

My friend Louzanne and her boyfriend came to stay with us for the weekend as they came to JHB for a wedding. We just had a chill supper at home on Friday eve, and went for brunch at 44 Stanley Str yesterday morning. In the eve when they were at the wedding we had a mini university reunion at The Foundry in Parktown, with another PE varsity friend visiting Andrew for the weekend. I've always wanted to go there, can't believe it took me this long! Very cool place and had a YUMMY strawberry cider (I think it's Swedish???). Also check out the cool wall art!

Today I'm just doing some domestic stuff and want to go visit a friend in hosp who is waiting for lungs and also from PE. This week will be month-end at work, but on Thursday Louzanne will be spending the night with us again as she will be here for work-stuff. Yay for seeing one of my besties twice in one week!

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