Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#StayStrong update

Operation #StayStrong has been going great so far. Went to gym on Monday as well as today, and plan on doing the same tomorrow. I was pretty stiff on Monday after Sunday's workout, so that workout was rather hard. Was still stiff on Tues, but today I was perfect again and could actually feel that the push-ups were easier. I've only been doing stretching, some dumbbells and toning circuit. Need to start adding some cardio too... but it's hard, as walking at a normal pace is boring and too easy, but anything more than that and I feel like I might pass out. I guess the answer is FAST walking.... not my favourite but will have to do it,

Weight wise... I've gained a kilo since I was weighed last Wednesday at the Dr. I was 54kg then and today a very solid 55kg. My aim is to be a comfortable 57kg at least. I've been a lucky CF in that I don't struggle to gain weight when I eat enough, so it won't be hard. I'm very blessed and it's spared me from having to get a peg before transplant to get fat enough for the transplant (I had to be 50kg with my height of 1.6m - to be transplanted.... some CF people struggle to get to their goal weight for transplant and end up needing a feeding tube put into their stomach to help them gain weight. I think I managed to get to just under 52kg before tx thanks to a force-feeding mom!)

So that's that.... tomorrow I need to do some walking on that treadmill... maybe I can find the balance between being bored and killing myself!

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